What is a Trademark?

If you’re a business owner, offer a service, or manufacture and sell goods, you work hard to build name and brand recognition for your products or services. Registering a trademark is an important way to prevent others from copying or profiting from the reputation you have built, and it helps protect the quality of your brand. A trademark is a unique sign or symbol that identifies a particular product or service as having come from you or your company.
This is usually a logo, image, word, phrase, or a combination of design elements. If you have a trademark like a logo for your goods and services, it is considered your exclusive intellectual property and may not be used by anyone else without your permission. Trademarks are identified by one of the following symbols:
  • TM (Unregistered Trademark) – Used to brand or promote products or goods.
  • SM (Unregistered Service Mark) – Used to brand or promote services.
  • ® (Registered Trademark) – A trademark on file with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
A trademark generally applies only to goods and services and is different from copyright, which applies to creative works.

The Importance of Registering Your Trademark:
Your trademark is your intellectual property and, if necessary, you can file a suit in court to prevent another person or business from using or infringing upon it. This includes someone copying your trademark and using it as their own, or creating a similar trademark that’s intended to mislead or confuse the public into thinking it’s yours. You do not need to register your trademark to file a suit, but protection for unregistered trademarks is often limited to the geographical area where you do business or plan to do business. You may also face additional limitations on your rights. Registering your trademark protects both your brand and your rights.
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